Building readers

I’ve been driven lately to find ways to eliminate technology from my life, not find ways to incorporate it. I’d like to think this interest started from some deep-seated awareness that we are all less connected by being tied to our phones 24/7, but I actually think it’s because I was taking a walk the other day, and while I looked down at my phone to advance the song or reply to a text message, I missed one of those e-scooters that was stranded in the middle of the sidewalk, and I tripped. Some epiphanies are like finding yourself slowly enveloped in warm light, and others hit like your palms grazing newly laid cement. Either way, since that day has made it more difficult to hold things in my palms, I’ve sought out paperback books again, and have slowly rediscovered how much I love to read…and while I discovered the following Long Reads piece only with the benefit of technology, it’s author Irina Dumitrescu does such a superb job of talking about reading…it’s got me contemplating whether we’re doing enough to build readers? Or whether we’re going to let technology lead the way, which is such a terrifying idea…anyway, some deep thoughts for a Monday afternoon…read this article and enjoy!