Some of our recent work includes: 

Client service feedback program

Over the last three years, I have developed and implemented a client service feedback program with an international law firm that focuses on intellectual property law. The program initially focused on the firm's 10-largest clients with a goal of assessing the quality of the firm's service to address any inefficiencies or quality assurance issues. It has expanded to include interviews and feedback meetings that commence when a litigation or large transaction has been completed. This program has provided a significant opportunity for growth with each client interviewed including one instance where the firm was able to convince an in-house counsel that it was the right provider for a large project and was able secure a contract with the client rather than have the work go out via a Request for Proposal. 

Comprehensive marketing plan for boutique law firm

Building upon a nearly 70-year reputation, I developed an overall marketing and public relations plan for a boutique law firm with 45 attorneys. The plan included specific goals and deliverables for the varied practice areas of this boutique firm, as well as overall goals for the firm's visibility in particular markets as well as in a handful of new industries the firm was looking to expand into over the next three years. 

Deep-dive issue analysis for white paper development

Working for a national public affairs group, I was tasked with analyzing and synthesizing the legal and policy backgrounds around a specific issue so that a group of funders could more accurately discuss their desired outcomes with legislators and constituents. As part of this project, I developed a handful of white papers (one for each target geography) that aimed to lay out the key issues in the most clear and concise format for all audiences. 

Comprehensive marketing plan for nonprofit

Starting from a situational analysis, I crafted a comprehensive 2-year marketing plan for a state-based nonprofit that had never developed a proactive marketing program in its 25-year existence. I worked with the nonprofit's members, staff, board and donors to better understand its needs and desired outcomes and then crafted an outcome-based plan focused on getting the nonprofit's messages to a broader audience.

Annual report content creation

From analyzing financials to telling the stories of the nonprofit's beneficiaries, I worked closely with a national nonprofit to create an annual report that told donors, community members and other stakeholders just how essential the nonprofit is tin addressing its mission to advance equality.

Custom business development planning

I work with multiple attorneys across a range of practice areas to develop customized business development plans aimed at maximizing their talents and budgets. Whether individuals identify as introverts, extroverts, or somewhere in between, I create customized plans for attorneys aimed at helping them create long-term client relationships and referral networks.